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"Twelve years ago I found my passion seeking answers to questions developed within the human mind..."

Courtney Tracy, MSW ACSW

Twelve years ago I found my passion seeking answers to questions developed within the human mind. Questions similar to the ones I’m sure you are experiencing at this point in your life as well. Questions such as: Why do I feel this way all the time? How can I help my partner, my parents or my children, understand me more? What is my purpose in life? When I work with clients, I want to dig deep. I’m not afraid to hear about the things you have yet to share with anyone else. I’m an open mind with a dedicated heart and soul educated on ways to help you heal your pain. My education, experience, and training have all led me to you today. There are immense challenges we face on a daily basis and it can be extremely overwhelming maintaining your mental health and, at times, what feels like your sanity overall. 

Clients would describe me as direct, passionate, and effective. People who work with me get better when they are ready to fully invest themselves into the future they desire. If you aren’t quite sure you’re ready, I can work to help you find the motivation you need.

I am not a ‘head nodder’ who will repeat back what you have told me. Sessions with me will be dynamic, existential, and will engage the deepest part of your core being. Have you been struggling with excess use of drugs and alcohol and aren’t sure where to begin the process to slow down? Are you in your twenties and thirties and find yourself wondering who you are and what path you should take in your life? Are anxiety and/or depression symptoms making functioning difficult on a daily basis? I specialize in working with young adults, individuals with college or career concerns, individuals with alcohol and drug use problems and those who suffer from anxiety and depression. Please, explore the types of therapy I provide and all other information on my website. When you’re ready, give me a call for a free 15-minute consultation or set up an initial 50-minute appointment and we can get started on identifying your path to recovery and clarity. 


Associate Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist Courtney Tracy specializes in the treatment of individuals who find themselves dealing with issues of substance use, anxiety, depression, stage of life issues, work/education concerns, and interpersonal problems. In Santa Barbara, her goal is to help you and/or your loved one move forward in life with a greater sense of strength, personal understanding and hope for the future.

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Providing a safe and supportive environment, Courtney’s clients have been guided towards years of sobriety, compassion for themselves, a new and strong direction in life, as well as the ability to develop lasting change. Addressing current struggles, as well as exploring the deeper roots of problematic and unwanted emotions and behaviors, individuals who work with Courtney find the opportunity to recover.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

  • Psychodynamic Therapy

  • Interpersonal Therapy

  • Seeking Safety Treatment

  • Vocational-Educational Counseling


Courtney is unshakably committed to guiding her clients towards the life they desire.
See what her clients have to say!

5 / 5

Linda B.Counseling SessionClient #1

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for your conditional support during the hardest/toughest, most emotional years of my life. Truly so happy you were my therapist. Such a journey I can’t imagine with anybody else!”


5 / 5

Jacob G.Counseling SessionClient #2

“Our sessions are the most helpful thing for me out of everything right now. I feel my anxiety decreasing and I really have hope, something I haven’t experienced in my life before.”


5 / 5

Kelly A.Counseling SessionClient #3

“Not drinking as much as I used to definitely would not have been possible without you. I am so appreciative of you and all of the guidance you gave me! I feel healthier than ever!”


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